Monday, October 24, 2016

Leftism and Data Manipulation

New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"

Earlier this morning we wrote about the obvious sampling bias in the latest ABC / Washington Post poll that showed a 12-point national advantage for Hillary. Like many of the recent polls from Reuters, ABC and The Washington Post, this latest poll included a 9-point sampling bias toward registered democrats.
"METHODOLOGY – This ABC News poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone Oct. 20-22, 2016, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 874 likely voters. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 36-27-31 percent, Democrats - Republicans - Independents."
Of course, while democrats may enjoy a slight registration advantage of a couple of points, it is nowhere near the 9 points reflected in this latest poll.

Meanwhile, we also pointed out that with huge variances in preference across demographics one can easily "rig" a poll by over indexing to one group vs. another. As a quick example, the ABC / WaPo poll found that Hillary enjoys a 79-point advantage over Trump with black voters. Therefore, even a small "oversample" of black voters of 5% could swing the overall poll by 3 full points. Moreover, the pollsters don't provide data on the demographic mix of their polls which makes it impossible to "fact check" the bias...convenient.

Now, for all of you out there who still aren't convinced that the polls are "adjusted", we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to "manufacture" the desired data. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on "oversamples for polling" in order to "maximize what we get out of our media polling."
I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.
The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations. In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:
Research, microtargeting & polling projects
- Over-sample Hispanics
- Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)
- Over-sample the Native American population
For Florida, the report recommends "consistently monitoring" samples to makes sure they're "not too old" and "has enough African American and Hispanic voters." Meanwhile, "independent" voters in Tampa and Orlando are apparently more dem friendly so the report suggests filling up independent quotas in those cities first.
- Consistently monitor the sample to ensure it is not too old, and that it has enough African American and Hispanic voters to reflect the state.
- On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first.

Meanwhile, it's suggested that national polls over sample "key districts / regions" and "ethnic" groups "as needed."

- General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions
- Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed
- Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed
I don't get it. Why even make the phone calls and actually take data? Why not just make it up from scratch and avoid all that work? Unless, of course, you want to feed the REAL data to the Clinton campaign for Hillary's use. Otherwise, creating a phony 12 point lead could work against Hillary, as voters assume that it's a done deal for her election, and so they stay home. I presume that the Left thinks that Republicans would stay home in higher numbers. But it's a two edged sword. I read somewhere a few days ago that the polls always seem to converge on the real real voter expectations when it gets very close to election time. That could be real, or it could be cover-up for earlier data manipulation.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Social Justice in EU

‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge
AN IRAQI asylum seeker who confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool, claiming it was a "sexual emergency", has had his conviction overturned.
Oh. Well, then. Sexual Emergency and all... OK, you're free to go. Enjoy your next swim.

Truth is objectively dialectic; Social Justice is weaponized secular morality

Post Modernism gained strength through the concept of word dismemberment (deconstruction): Words were declared to have no unified meanings; they are not truths, they are subjective, meaning whatever the user wants and no more. No objective truth can be expressed using words, and therefore it actually does not exist. Thus there is only subjective meaning in the world. The culture of the west morphed into Post Truth. Because Modernism valued Enlightenment, empirically provable concepts as “truths”, scientific in nature, being empirically justified even if contingent, Modernism has been culturally rejected.

Under Post Truth and Post Modernism, the Aristotelian logic valued by most scientists and mathematicians no longer applied to any argument, and even to some sciences. Thus the criticism that it is logically false to claim that “it is true that there is no truth” bears no weight with the Post Modernist. Logic is no longer necessary, and is discarded.

Replacing logic and truth in the arena of Post Modernism is the subjectively derived “truth” of the new moral system. After rejection of all pre-existing moral systems (except one secular source [1]), the new moral system emerged, called Social Justice. Social Justice is held as a First Principle which is intuitively obvious to the Post Modernist.

However, since Aristotelian logic no longer applies under Post Truth and Post Modernism, there is no need to test the truth value of the precepts of Social Justice against such obsolete standards as coherence, logical form, grounding, Reductio Ad Absurdum. It is sufficient to “feel” the “truth” of the all-new First Principles of morality.

Because logic and truth are eschewed, because the new morality is inarguable, and because the moral superiority of the new class of self-righteous elites needs no input from the unrighteous, paleo-Modernists, the wall of eliteness surrounding the Post Truth, Post Enlightenment, Post Modernist elites is impregnable to assaults from paleo-reasoning of Aristotelian logic.

Which is why arguing logic with these self-anointed elite Social Justice Warriors is futile – IFF the intent is to sway them. The only useful point of arguing logic is to present the Enlightenment concepts of valid thought to those whose curiosity brings them to be observers on the side-lines. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know whether there is any actual influence brought to bear on silent observers.

Still, it seems obvious that intelligent thought about such claims as “it is true that there is no truth” would reveal that Non-Contradiction is a more self-evident, valid concept than is equal outcomes for all humans except for Enlightenment Modernists, who are “evil” [2][3].

1. Marxist classism and class war is now the dominant cultural theory of the Post Truth, Post Modernist Social Justice Warriors. The classes are a) the Oppressed Class; b) the Oppressor Class; c) the Savior (Messiah) Class. Every social conflict can be shown to be divided into these three Marxist classification. Frequently Classes are combined (Messiah Class members also being members of the “Oppressed” Class.) However, the elitist, self-righteous, “moral” imperatives remain, no matter what. This becomes the identity of the SJW, the core of the SJW’s very being without which the SJW would be nothing but too common to notice.

2. It is interesting to note that the Left, including the majority of Atheists, tends toward elitist Social Justice, while the Right tends strongly toward Enlightenment Empirical Modernism. This brings the Right to criticize certain non-empirical faux sciences, and brings the Left to defend the faux sciences which support their objectives under Social Justice and Atheism. When the Left defends Evolution and AGW, they are not defending Modernism or Enlightenment Empiricism because neither endeavor is Empirical. They are defending ideological support which is given by non-empirical, unprovable and non-truth-bearing endeavors.

3. "Equal Outcomes" is a Marxist, totalitarian concept; it has been given a moral imperative designation by the SJW community.

Immigration Fraud

Migrant foster mum reveals her horror at discovering ’12-year-old refugee’ in her care is actually a 21-year-old Jihadi

Kind-hearted Rosie became suspicious when she noticed Afghan lad was 'hairy' and was 'adept at firing rifle'
Obama Released 52K Illegal Alien Kids Into the US in FY2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blue Model Education, and Taxpayer Money

What Politicians Mean When They Ask for More Education Spending

Per-student spending on K-12 education has risen steadily over the last two decades, but student test scores, and teacher salaries, are stagnant. Why hasn’t this massive increase in investment produced better teachers and better opportunity for students? The short-answer, according to a new Manhattan Institute report by Josh McGee: State and local governments have catastrophically mismanaged their teacher pension systems. The cash infusion to K-12 has been used largely to pay for irresponsible pension promises politicians made to teachers’ unions and justified to the public with shoddy accounting. From the executive summary:
Per-pupil spending on equipment, facilities, and property fell by 26% between 2000 and 2013, likely resulting in a growing backlog of expensive repairs and replacements that will need to be made sometime down the road. Spending on instructional supplies (e.g., textbooks) declined by 10% per pupil. More than half of states (29) spent less per pupil on instructional supplies in 2013 than in 2000. […]

The vast majority of taxpayer contributions into teachers’ pension plans are now used to pay down pension debt owed for past service rather than to pay for new benefits earned by today’s teachers. As the value of this debt has increased, most current teachers have experienced stagnant salaries and reduced retirement benefits, while spending on classroom supplies, equipment, and building upkeep has declined relatively or even absolutely.
In other words, to cover benefits for retirees, states need to dig into education funds that might otherwise be used to attract and retain good teachers or buy better textbooks and build new facilities. So long as state governments are unwilling to reform the blue model pension-for-life civil service system, and so long as teachers unions continue to wield outsized influence in so many state legislatures, this pattern seems likely to continue indefinitely.
Taxpayers also funds the unions, of course, via teachers' pay.

A Completely Expected Rights Cancellation on Campus

'Campus Craziness': 'Unborn Lives Matter' posters banned
DePaul University told college Republicans group they cannot use pro-life posters stating 'Unborn Lives Matter' that mimic design of Black Lives Matter
Hillary and the Left KNOW that unborn humans are not "persons", and therefore fetuses pass their standards for the Leftist "Kill Class". The Left is very jealous of their Kill Class, which Hillary expands to the very point of birth, via partial birth abortions. Abortionists have previously gotten around late term abortion bans by aborting a dead fetus, which was just killed with injections of kill toxins.

When morality is merely an opinion, the culture will drift into spasms of total amorality. We are there. Half the nation, roughly, supports the total amorality of Hillary Clinton, her rapist and child-rapist husband, and their criminal enterprises for which they cannot receive any punitive corrective legal action.

The only remaining morality is that of the dictated morals from the Left: Only Black Lives Matter, except in ghettos of course, where illegal guns matter.

Creepy Uncle Joe waxes hyper-moral about Trump (ignoring rapist Bill Clinton, of course). Uncle Joe is known for man-handling women, on camera. But at least he doesn't talk about it.
SMOKIN’ JOE: VP says he wants to take Trump 'behind the gym' over comments about women
Maybe creepy uncle Joe could send some DNC operatives to beat up Trump. That's the official modus operendi of the Democrat Party.

Obama's Legacy Failure: ObamaCare Careens Off The Tracks and Into the Swamp of Oblivion

GOP rebuffs Obama's entreaties to fix health law
In a rare lucid moment, Obama realizes that his legacy is going down in flames (metaphor #2). The disaster is purely Democrat caused, and a skeptic might think it to be on purpose. The drive toward single payer nationalized insurance is the dream of the Hillary camp, and that would be worse yet. If that's possible. But it's the next step in the Leftist Hegelian antithesis strategy.

President Barack Obama on Thursday called for Republicans next year to pass legislation to repair Obamacare. The GOP response? No.

Democrats have long held out hope that with a new president, the political winds would shift, creating an opening to pass badly needed legislative repairs.

But Republicans have been bashing Obamacare for more than six years and there is no sign that they’re going to break that habit — let alone vote for legislative repairs. House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that the law “can’t be fixed.”

Obamacare is the reason “we’ve seen record premium hikes,” Ryan said in a statement. “That's why millions of people—including millennials—have lost their plans, or been forced to buy plans they don’t like. That's why we've seen waste, fraud, and abuse. And at this point, one thing is clear: This law can't be fixed.
The entire thrust of ObamaCare is to a) insure pre-existing conditions for which the insured have not paid anything into the system, and b) burden the system with mountains of regulations on Doctors and hospital systems.

I lost my own doctor this year, a victim of ObamaCare due to loss of ability to support her clinic under the additional costs of ObamaCare. It's not just the insurance costs doubling that's the problem. The problem extends to all facets of healthcare, which is overloaded with government requirements, and the costs for that government expansion. There's no way that ObamaCare could NOT increase costs at all points in the process of healthcare.

But it's failure will not stop the Left from driving toward single-payer, government healthcare, where everyone gets the same schlock healthcare except for the very wealthy, who will have private health communes or some such. Leftism always, always rewards the very wealthy while claiming to do the opposite. That's the "private position" Hillary talks about, as she and Bill drive toward being billionaires, by selling political access.

Here's ObamaCare's main accomplishment:
Fewer Americans Have Private Health Insurance Now Than in 2007
Note that this includes millennials.

Podesta Knows Exactly How To Do It

8 Times Liberals Claimed An Election Was Stolen Or Rigged
Everyone has taken to dismissing Donald Trump's claims that the election is rigged. Here are eight times liberals claimed an election had been or would be stolen.

Over the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has ramped up complaints that the election process is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Many have been quick to dismiss his claims and have been acting like he’s crazy for saying as much.

On Tuesday, President Obama lashed out at the GOP nominee during a press conference at the White House, saying that Trump’s gripes are historically unprecedented and that he should stop “whining.”

“I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the election process before votes have even taken place,” he said.

Obama’s memory must be pretty short, so I’ve compiled this list to remind him — and everyone else — of eight times liberals claimed an election was or would be stolen.
Go THERE for details.

Patent New Technology: Lose Your Rights

The Feds Won’t Buy This $19 Million Stealth Boat—or Let It Be Sold Abroad
With his patents under gag order, Gregory Sancoff is being ghosted by the government.

Self-made millionaire Gregory Sancoff has spent a decade and $19 million building a highly unusual stealth boat. Called Ghost, it’s designed to be faster, more stable, and more fuel-efficient than anything currently in the U.S. Navy’s fleet, he says. “It’s such a smooth ride, you can sit there and drink your coffee going through six-foot swells,” he proudly told Bloomberg Businessweek in 2014.

But there’s a problem: The Pentagon doesn’t want Sancoff’s boat—and also won’t let him sell it abroad.

Early on, the government served Sancoff with secrecy orders, which meant he wasn’t allowed to show the patents or technology to anyone. Those secrecy orders were removed for a few years. But last year the government placed Juliet Marine Systems Inc. under the watch of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). “It’s basically the same as a secrecy order,” says Sancoff. “I need government permission, if I want to show anybody anything.” Since then, the Portsmouth, N.H.-based startup has had to lay off 17 of its 20 employees, and Sancoff sued the government to recoup damages. “We’ve fallen into a very weird place,” he says. “If the U.S. doesn’t want this, fine. But why not let us sell to friendly nations? We’ve had so much interest from countries like Japan, Korea, Qatar.”

Go THERE for a full video and more info - very cool.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why You Need To Carry Two AK47's in Your Trunk

Another Mark of Insanity

“Eager to increase the number of black and Latino teachers, the U.S. Education Department wants teacher education programs to keep entry standards low. . . . It’s OK to be unselective, under new federal rules, as long as teacher education programs ‘maintain a high bar to exit.'”
How about no entry standards at all, except skin color, and no exit standards short of murder? That would take care of "diversity", which is more important than actually educating children to become wise, responsible citizens. Plus it would teach the kids that race is more important than any other criteria for getting ahead. Leftism win-win.

[Hold on - discriminating against murder would place a heavy burden on certain minority categories, so that's out. So: no exit standards short of being white or male or Republican. There. Fixed.]

"The Crooked Media’s Selective Orgasms of Privileged Outrage"

Glenn Reynolds:
2016 Tabloid Simplicity: Public and Private Positions vs Private Parts
Self-proclaimed media of record try their best to ignore wrongdoing by powerful liberals

"Despite the apology, The Donald faces a relentless media tsunami of unproven allegations—allegations of pinching and groping and unwanted squeezes and lecherous looks.

Media tsunamis are a type of public accountability. However, we live an in era where the self-proclaimed media of record try their best to ignore wrongdoing by powerful liberals or, that tactic failing, attempt to justify them. As a result, liberals enjoy a comparatively unrestrained presumption of Media Privilege. American media tsunamis are thus a highly selective form of public accountability. They overwhelmingly slam Republicans and they slam with calculated political malice and mud.

Hillary’s public face, the one she presents American voters, is a lie.

A media outrage tsunami struck poor Mitt Romney—because the Romney family dog rode in a carrier on the roof of the family car. Why, Clintonite Lanny Davis declared this canine travesty proved Romney unfit to serve as president.

Unfit, Lanny? Romney was the man who called Vladimir Putin’s Russia America’s “number one geo-political foe” and Barack Obama mocked him for it. As the linked article notes, in 2012 Obama told Russia’s then-president Dmitry Medvedev to tell ole Vlad that after the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign he (Obama) would have more flexibility in addressing the Kremlin’s concerns. Who was right about the Kremlin, Lanny? Mitt or Barack?

Whether or not they support Trump, many conservatives are fed up with the crooked media’s selective orgasms of privileged outrage. As a result, a media tsunami’s power to inflict permanent damage has waned."
The media began morphing into Marxist scum the minute that television went national via the networks. If I recall correctly, NBC tumbled last but when it went over, it went hard. The power of the unelected elites in the daily home invasions was too obvious and too effective to leave to the cultural norms of actual morality. That power was one of the first to be usurped in the Left's long march through the institutions.

But unlike the political structure, the media is being starved due to an unintended consequence of technology. The internet, a free zone so far, has provided alternate sources of media. Which is why the Left wants to "regulate" that free zone, and why Obama gave the control of that free zone away. When the internet is lost to the patrols of thought police, well, who knows where we will wind up.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

OMG! Politicians are HORRIFIED!! (Best Election Year EVAH!)

Lawmakers slam Trump for saying he won't commit to election results

Trump on abiding by election: I'll look at it at the time

Lawmakers from both parties blasted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Wednesday after he refused to say that he would accept the results of next month's election.

During his final debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the real estate mogul said he would "look at [the results] at the time," later adding that he would "keep you in suspense."

Trump has repeatedly warned his supporters that voter fraud could swing the election and has urged them to act as monitors at polling places.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Trump's comment demonstrated "contempt for the sanctity of our elections.

"With his ‘wait and see’ position, he disrespects the voice and votes of the American people," Pelosi added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a former rival of Trump's for the GOP nomination, said that Trump "is doing the party and country a great disservice by continuing to suggest the outcome of this election is out of his hands and 'rigged' against him.

"If he loses, it will not be because the system is 'rigged' but because he failed as a candidate," Graham added.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called Trump's comments "horrifying" and demanded that he "immediately reverse course and state that he will accept the results of our free and fair elections." Reid added that such a statement "must come from Trump's own lips ... statements from staff or surrogates will not suffice."

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller defended the statement, saying that the candidate was "putting those who might be looking to commit voter fraud ... on notice that we’re going to be watching and that we’re going to make sure that we’re gonna have honest and fair elections."

For her part, Clinton described Trump's statement as "horrifying."

"Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him," said Clinton, who went on to cite claims Trump had made against various contests he believed to be fixed.

"He lost the Iowa caucus, he lost the Wisconsin primary, he said the Republican primary was rigged against him," she said. "He claims the court system and a federal judge is rigged against him. There was even a time when he didn't get an Emmy for his TV program ['The Apprentice'] three years in a row and he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged."

Trump interjected at that point, "I should have gotten one."

"This is how Donald thinks," Clinton continued. "And it's funny, but it's also really troubling."

The politicians are horrified! HORRIFIED! That's the best news yet. They are putting the pressure on Trump to accept whatever voter fraud might be found, by capitulating right now. (Remember how they all promised to support whichever candidate rose to the top?? They are largely scum of the worst sort).

And obviously Trump is not a cowardly politician like all the rest of the scum in both parties. My respect for Trump has increased with his lack of timidness in addressing the putative Queen-by-ascension on all of her lies, her bloody failures in the middle east and the subsequent rise of both Putin and Boko Haram / ISIS, as well as the increased aggression of China and North Korea.

Electing Obama II would be insane, and yet quite possibly will happen despite the complete evilness of Hillary and the Democrat Party.

Trump is obviously correct in assuming that there could well be Democrat voter fraud, ESPECIALLY given the Democrat plans to commit voter fraud released on video, just yesterday.

Or If You Just Say That You Did

Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters

"Madonna is pledging to perform oral sex on voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

The pop queen, known for her shocking antics, made the remark Tuesday while opening for comedian Amy Schumer in New York.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden, “I will give you a blow job.”

“And I’m good,” the 58-year-old “Like a Virgin” singer, an outspoken supporter of the Democratic presidential nominee, said to cheers from the audience.

“I’m not a tool. I take my time,” Madonna boasted.

Madonna has made a point of rooting on the former secretary of State’s White House bid, posting several pro-Clinton messages on Twitter."
Glenn Reynolds' take on this:
"I’m glad someone is standing up against Trump’s coarsening of the culture."
Here's my take: like everything Hillary, it's just another lie to get votes. OK, actually she was joking, warming up a Leftist crowd for a Leftist comedienne. ...or was she?

And then there's this:
Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN
Stunning revelations of Clinton bag man!
Like Hillary says, she also has her "private positions"...