Monday, January 16, 2017

Faking News: ACLU Version

The ACLU Edited a Video of Their Testimony to Make Ted Cruz Look Bad

Why the left hates Trump so intensely

The Blue Model is increasingly being referred to as "the Cathedral", in a descriptive response to the religious cult nature of Leftism. The Left provides morally religious-type but false Righteousness and moral superiority to all things Left, and moral existential elitism to all Leftists who accept them; a secular, amoral religious cult. This places Leftist violent hatred into the same category as Muslim riots, violence and furor at insults to Islam, real or perceived.

So the visceral, violent hatred that the Left is openly flaunting is not politically motivated, at least not completely. It is culturally and religiously motivated as well. And when a class such as the class of Democrat/Leftists has no morals beyond maintaining their own elite self-righteous cult standing, then all means to that end are acceptable.

They have lost, politically, culturally, and also lost their standing as Righteous Elites.

That warrants any and all means to regain their control and previous status as superiors to the herd.

Why the left hates Trump so intensely
Read it all, there.

Leftist Violence Prevents MILO's Appearance at UC Davis

War on Dissent: Anti-freedom, totalitarian Left at its best:

REPORTS: MILO UC Davis Event Cancelled After Leftists Tear Down Barricades, Engage In Violence

MILO’s event at the University of California, Davis has been cancelled after protesters tore down barricades and engaged in scuffles outside the venue. A camerman for ABC10 was also attacked with hot coffee.

Earlier reports that windows had been smashed at the venue have not yet been confirmed.

UPDATE: UC Davis has stated that no property damage was sustained.

UPDATE 2: There are now competing accounts of what happened. A protester appears to have acknowledged property damage, saying he was “happy” windows were broken and that they had to smash windows “to get attention.”

At least one protester was arrested at the venue, according to photos.

MILO and his co-speaker, entrepeneur Martin Shkreli are both reportedly unharmed. One student was arrested.

Shrekli was videoed outside the venue, where he explained his plans to explain third-wave feminism to MILO.

ABC-7 reports “violent interactions with protesters.” Video footage shows protesters jumping barricades and throwing them towards police.

ABC-10 reporter Frances Wang reports that her photographer was attacked with hot coffee mid-interview.

Protesters were chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.”

Protesters could be seen wearing masks, holding LGBT flags, and wearing “anti-fascist” badges.

Protesters also chanted an old staple, “No Milo, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

MILO fans were also present at the event, interacting with protesters and singing the national anthem. At least one brought her own placard.

This was set to be the first event on the third leg of the Breitbart senior editor’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour

This story is developing, and will be updated as more information, photos and footage comes in.

UPDATE: A statement from the UC Davis College Republicans:
“We were told by the chief of Davis police that they could not guarantee the safety of the students, the speaker, or the police officers if the event should go ahead,” said Gabrielle McDowell, vice chair of the UC Davis College Republicans.

“As the organisation hosting the event, we would have been held personally responsible for any harm caused as a result of its taking place. We were therefore forced to cancel the event” she continued.

UPDATE 2: The Davis College Republicans have clarified their position, and are now saying they were lied to and intimidated by UC Davis, who, according to DCR executive director Andrew Mendoza, “basically took the decision [to cancel] without us.”

DCR communications director Kurtie Kellner also alleges that they were told by UC Davis official Milton Lang that protesters were wielding hammers, a concern that was a significant factor in the decision to cancel.

Trump Moves to Strip Privilege From MSM Using Natural Selection

Trump wants to INCREASE the number of journalists in the White House

Corporate Media Alarmed

Bloggers to be included?
Freeing up speech by eliminating Leftist Filters. The struggling MSM might get itself completely starved out due to Natural Selection as news consumers look for actual facts.

THIS IS... Just the Beginning

Sunday, January 15, 2017

When Riots Just Aren't Enough

Rosie O'Donnell Wants to Stop Trump Inauguration with Martial Law

"O'Donnell wants the inauguration delayed until the rumors of the Russian election "hack" are cleared up."
There was no "election hack"; there was a DNC email hack. The massively ugly truth got out, Rosie. It's no wonder that you're miffed. Just suck it up and try, try, try to get over it. In the meantime, just go away. Far away.

It obviously doesn't matter to Rosie and the Left that the DNC/MSM is totally corrupt and that the world saw the corruption first hand. What matters is that "the Russians did it". At least according to the (corrupted) FBI and (corrupted) CIA which are just Leftist operatives, it is becoming increasingly clear. So it is important to construe that rumor to an extended rumor that Trump did it.

Let's say that Trump did do it. So what does that mean? Will he be prosecuted? No. There's zero evidence. Merely hysteria. Trump will be confirmed as president, on schedule.

So Rosie is hysterically virtue signaling. Her demands are as trivial as is she. Conversely, she inadvertently imbues Trump with even more Super-human powers for the Left to Hate on.

Secularism is just another name for morality-free Will To Power... Nietzschean Atheism in action.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This Will Not Be Taken Lightly: Cops-As-Pigs Is A Favored Leftist Message

Architect of the Capitol Decides Anti-Cop Painting Violates Rules, Will Come Down Tuesday

A controversial painting by Missouri student David Pulphus depicting police as animals [pigs: Say it: Pigs!] hangs in the tunnel connecting the U.S. Capitol to the Cannon House Office building.

As Republicans began the process of dismantling ObamaCare this week, they also struggled to dismantle an offensive anti-police painting that is still hanging on a wall in a Capitol Hill hallway.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Thursday that he was confident the painting depicting police officers as pigs would soon come down from a wall in the Capitol, calling it "disgusting."

Via The Hill:

“This is disgusting and not befitting of the Capitol,” Ryan told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher.

The Speaker’s remarks came a day after Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), a former sheriff, argued in a letter to the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) that the painting should be removed because it violates the rules of the annual high school art competition run by the AOC.

The rules prohibit artwork “depicting subjects of contemporary political controversy or a sensationalistic or gruesome nature.” The AOC is currently reviewing that GOP request, Ryan said.

Ryan told Gallagher that he is confident it will come down soon.

The Architect of the Capitol got back to House Republicans late Friday to let them know that the painting does indeed violate contest rules. Fox News reported that the painting will come down on Tuesday.

The painting sparked a tug-of-war of sorts this week between House Republicans and the National Black Caucus, with one Democrat attempting to press charges against Republican Duncan Hunter, who took the offensive artwork down.

Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., told reporters that his staff met Monday with members of the Capitol Police to press theft charges against Hunter, who yanked the painting Friday and delivered it to Clay’s office.

“He had no right to take that picture down,” Clay said. “It’s thievery.”

Clay initially had the painting hung after it was chosen as a winner of a student art competition. It was one of 435 pieces of art chosen by local panels of artists to hang in the underground tunnel between the Capitol and the Cannon House Office Building.

The painting, "Untitled #1" by Cardinal Ritter High School grad David Pulphus, depicts what is tactfully described as "a scene of civil unrest" sparked by the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. It features cops depicted as pigs shooting at citizens in Ferguson as Michael Brown is crucified in the background.

Clay argues that the painting is protected by the First Amendment and Ryan agreed.

Via The Washington Times:

Mr. Ryan said the teenage artist — who is now in college — had a right to craft the painting, “but we do have rules that govern these paintings.”

“This is not a free for all contest where anything can go in the Capitol,” he said. “There are rules that govern this.”
Some reports of threats of violence, too. No matter that the painting consists of a number of blatant lies which are committed to canvass for perpetuation. So of course that is highly important to the Left.

The Coming Year of Arson

Not only has ISIS recommended arson as the next terror technique after vehicular homicide, a German court has approved the technique as a valid speech response to Israel:
German court calls synagogue torching an act to 'criticize Israel'

" A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city's synagogue by three men in 2014 was a justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies.

Johannes Pinnel, a spokesman for the regional court in Wuppertal, outlined the court’s decision in a statement.

Three German Palestinians sought to torch the Wuppertal synagogue with Molotov cocktails in July, 2014. The local Wuppertal court panel said in its 2015 decision that the three men wanted to draw “attention to the Gaza conflict” with Israel. The court deemed the attack not to be motivated by antisemitism.

The court sentenced the three men – the 31-year-old Mohamad E., the 26 year-old Ismail A. and the 20-year-old Mohammad A.—to suspended sentences. The men tossed self-made Molotov cocktails at the synagogue. German courts frequently decline to release the last names of criminals to protect privacy.

The attack caused €800 damage to the synagogue. The original synagogue in Wuppertal was burned by Germans during the Kristallnacht pogroms in 1938. Wuppertal has a population of nearly 344,000 and is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The court said the men had consumed alcohol and there were no injuries to members of the synagogue.

A 13-year-old who lived near the synagogue and noticed the flames informed the police. Several days before the fire, a person sprayed “Free Palestine” on a wall of the synagogue.

After the local Wuppertal court decision in 2015, Volker Beck, a leading Green Party MP, said the “attack on the synagogue was motivated by antisemitism” and blasted the court for issuing a decision stating that the goal of the attack was to highlight the war in Gaza.

“This is a mistaken decision as far as the motives of the perpetrators are concerned,” he said, adding that the burning of a synagogue in Germany because of the Middle East conflict can be attributed only to antisemitism.

“What do Jews in Germany have to do with the Middle East conflict? Every bit as much as Christians, non-religious people or Muslims in Germany, namely, absolutely nothing. The ignorance of the judiciary toward anti-Semitism is for many Jews in Germany especially alarming, ” said Beck."
With the Anti-Semitism of the Left, to the apathy of the new nationalists, Israel is increasingly isolated. Trump might change that, and the Left will scream. Actually the Left will shriek and scream daily for the next 4 - 8 years. And the fake news and Leftist lies will, if anything, increase in number and volume. But, perhaps they will be even more marginalized as nations awaken to the facts surrounding the consequences of Leftism as it is seen to wound and scar the countries afflicted with it.

Chronicles of Fake News and Lies: Fact Checking WAPO's Fake News Re: Hate Crimes

Hate in the Time of Trump
Media trips over itself to make hate-crime narratives converge
Go there for the full story.

According to the First Term of Obama... say this about a president is massively RACIST and UNAMERICAN:
Dem Rep. John Lewis: I Don't See Trump as 'Legitimate President'
According to the Left, it was massively unfair to allow the world to see the (criminal) machinations of the Hillary/MSM corruption and collusion, which no one denies is the Truth about the Democrat campaign. But Trump benefited from the Truth, so he is "illegitimate". This sort of reasoning is so corrupt that it is difficult to analyze without an Appeal to Post Truth and Will To Power as the fundamental cause, along with blatant racism on the part of Lewis.

But it's OK if Leftists do it; they're speeecial.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Quote of the Past Century

"Mr. Sessions is a throwback to a shameful era, which I know both black and white Americans thought was in our past,” Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy said during the proceedings. “It is inconceivable to me that a person of this attitude is qualified to be a U.S. attorney, let alone a U.S. federal judge."
So said Teddy Kennedy, passing moral judgment from the perspective of a coward/murderer/drunkard/philanderer/poseur and race-baiter.

Bringing Us Up to Date on the Mpenda Effect

The claim that hot water freezes faster than cold water just got even weirder

This could explain one of the oldest mysteries in physics.
Sounds rather trivial at first, but could ultimately prove useful.

Left’s Outrage Machine Shudders

When Trump Tweets, the Left’s Outrage Machine Shudders

"The outrage mob’s target-of-the-day is L.L. Bean, after it was revealed Linda Bean, granddaughter of the founder and a member of the company’s board of directors, donated money to a PAC supporting Donald Trump for President.

The anti-Trump group Grab Your Wallet called for a boycott of L.L. Bean stores, even though the company itself has offered no political position on Trump or anything else for that matter really. This is how it usually starts.
See What's New With Intel at the National Retail Federation Big Show January 15th-17th
Ad by Intel

Suddenly, however, the left finds itself somewhat outmatched and ill-equipped, because now they are up against the most powerful pushback tool they’ve ever faced: Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to announce his support for Linda Bean. “Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. People will support you even more now. Buy L.L.Bean,” he wrote.

The Twitter handle Trump tagged — @LBPerfectMaine — was linked to a lobster restaurant owned by Linda Bean. You can bet a handful of left-wing websites are trying to figure out where the restaurant stands on gay marriage.

Trump is a master at branding. It’s one of the few things he’s managed successfully over the decades. His product launches fail, but the name and the branding carry on, and it carried him to the White House. Republicans in the primaries had no idea how to counter it. Hillary Clinton had no idea how to stop it. Trump knows he can tweet out support of a company, or insult them, and cause their brand to rise in prominence, their stocks to fall in value.

This is what the cultural left now has to account for if they insist on waging political warfare against individuals and companies who associate with Trump in any way. It’s not a fight they are prepared for. No one can out-troll the Donald.

The outrage over whether or not a sitting president should be telling people to go out and buy duck boots is irrelevant. If he sees those who supported him under public attack, he’s going to use his social media megaphone to push back and come to their defense.

And thanks in part to the outrage culture these perpetually aggrieved liberals helped create, his megaphone is bigger and louder than theirs."
In fact, it appears that the Leftist attack on businesses actually helps the businesses. Not that Leftists care about that: they are virtue signalling and that's how they get their jollies off.

Instapundit asks, how long until companies troll the Lefties in order to get more business? Sounds like it would work well.

Leftist Hate

Exposure to violence by the Left:
UC Berkeley Extremists Dox Student MILO Event Hosts, Post Personal Details & Workplace Address
Of course it's OK if the Left does it - just like the violence at Trump rallys.

If it weren't for hypocrisy, they'd have no consistency at all.

Chronicles of Leftist Fake News and Lies

FAKE NEWS: UC Davis Leftists Post Anti-MILO Posters Featuring Fake Rape Quote

"Left-wing students at UC Davis have posted flyers around the campus featuring a fake quote on rape allegedly from Breitbart senior editor MILO, who is scheduled to speak at the college on Friday.

The flyers, which feature the words “SHUT DOWN MILO,” “FIGHT WHITE SUPREMACY,” and “NO PLATFORM FOR HATE SPEECH,” falsely accuse MILO of being many things, including alt-right, a white supremacist, and racist, however it’s the fake alleged quote on rape which aims to rile up protesters in opposition of the dangerous faggot the most.

In a speech bubble titled “On Rape,” the flyer claims that MILO said: “Men are visual animals that quite like to look at sexy women, quite like to rape them sometimes- who cares?”

“This is a flyer that I found in the mens’ bathroom” declared a student, who wanted to remain anonymous, in an email to Breitbart Tech. “So not only will they be trying to block my entrance to your lecture, bought out all your tickets so I cant get a good seat if i even get admitted to the no ticket group, but they are starting their protest a whole hour early.”

The student pointed out the fact that by protesters starting an hour early, one of his lectures would be interrupted.

“Great to know these gender studies majors have nothing better to do than prevent me from getting a real degree” he proclaimed.

Two mainstream media outlets, USA Today and NBC News, were forced to issue corrections on their stories about MILO recently after falsely branding him a “white supremacist” and a member of the alt-right.

Fake News and Lies

If it weren't for lies, Obama couldn't talk at all.
Obama Boasts No Terror Attacks on Our Soil, Then Lists Terror Attacks on Our Soil [VIDEO]

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ted Cruz At His Best

Democrats attempt to use Raaaaacism on Sessions, as if they are morally superior elites.

Then Cruz steps in.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Here's Why Trump's THE MAN

‘You Are Fake News!’: Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta Get Into Shouting Match at Presser
The Donald trivializes CNN. He should shut them out altogether, along with NYT and WAPO and a few others. By dealing with legitimate media only, he can reach the masses with the facts. The Lying Left can have the scraps, which they will distort for their Leftist readers.

Badly Burnt By Their Own Meme

It’s time to retire the tainted term ‘fake news’

"Fake news has a real meaning — deliberately constructed lies, in the form of news articles, meant to mislead the public. For example: The one falsely claiming that Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump, or the one alleging without basis that Hillary Clinton would be indicted just before the election.

But though the term hasn’t been around long, its meaning already is lost. Faster than you could say “Pizzagate,” the label has been co-opted to mean any number of completely different things:
Liberal claptrap. Or opinion from left-of-center. Or simply anything in the realm of news that the observer doesn’t like to hear.
Actually, the concept fits the MSM so readily and so accurately, that it has become a significant liability to their presumption of public credibility. They started this attempt to discredit with their standard ploy: labeling and branding in order to demonize without evidence. And they got bit with the application of the pejorative to their own biased reporting.

“The speed with which the term became polarized and in fact a rhetorical weapon illustrates how efficient the conservative media machine has become,” said George Washington University professor Nikki Usher.

As Jeremy Peters wrote in the New York Times: “Conservative cable and radio personalities, top Republicans and even Mr. Trump himself . . . have appropriated the term and turned it against any news they see as hostile to their agenda.”

So, here’s a modest proposal for the truth-based community.

Let’s get out the hook and pull that baby off stage. Yes: Simply stop using it.

Instead, call a lie a lie. Call a hoax a hoax. Call a conspiracy theory by its rightful name. After all, “fake news” is an imprecise expression to begin with."
Go ahead and try to ban yet another word; I think it is here to stay.

Comment of the Day

From Instapundit
"NOTHING IS EVER HIS FAULT: Obama Blames “Circumstances” for Decimation of Democratic Party During his Presidency."

"In an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama accepted some blame for the decimation of the Democratic Party during his tenure in office.

Stephanopoulos said that the Democratic Party got pretty “hollowed out” during the last eight years with the loss of about 1,000 seats in Congress, the Senate, governorships and state legislatures. He asked Obama if that was his fault.

“I take some responsibility for that,” Obama said. “I think that some of it was circumstances.”

He said that those circumstances included taking office in the middle of the financial crisis, low housing prices and high unemployment, which meant that the party in power would take a hit. Obama added that his busy schedule also contributed to the party’s losses, as he couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief. He said that what needs to happen over the long haul is to “rebuild the Democratic Party at the ground level.”

What Obama failed to mention is that his policies—particularly Obamacare—were the main reasons that the Democratic Party lost so much ground during his tenure, as voters revolted against higher taxes, increased regulation and the loss of personal liberties that Obama and the Democrats were responsible for.

Democrats thought the election of Obama would be the beginning of a permanent Democratic majority, only to find that that they are instead at the brink of destruction."
Wait. Let's read this again: Obama
"couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief".
But he could play thousands of golf games, hoops, and take dozens of millions of dollars in vacations... but had no time for...?

Well, it's just as well. He should take a ten day vacation right now, too. It would benefit the country immensely. Yemen is nice this time of year...

Another Moral-Leftist Admits His Moral Hatred of the Barbarian Class: the Despicable OTHERS

And thinks about buying guns to protect himself from the Red Staters:
I love America. It's Americans I hate.
If it amuses you, count the logic errors and internal contradictions in this self-indulgent weep.

My favorite is his self-righteous defense of intolerance of intolerance:
"I don't subscribe to the sophistry that being intolerant of intolerance is just as bad as intolerance itself — that, for instance, the humorless dogma of political correctness is as great an evil as good old-fashioned bigotry. But, as Nietzsche said, he who does battle with shitheads must beware that he does not thereby become a shithead. The most prejudiced people also tend to be the most provincial; they've never actually met any of the people they think they hate. (e.g.: an elderly friend of my mother's once complained about gays in the church to her male hairdresser.) And, thanks to the dissolution of civic society and the segregated informational communities of the internet, most of us no longer know anyone of a different political color anymore. So it's easy to turn them into slavering caricatures out of old propaganda posters."
Totally un-self-aware of how this applies to himself, he admits to terminating a relationship due to the Others' vote for Trump.

So intolerant actions are not evil if the PC moral police do it, because disagreement by the Othered Class is "good old-fashioned bigotry", which when properly defined by the Leftist moral police, is, in fact, evil. And the all-new "evil" cannot be tolerated. End justifies means - Nietzsche; Alinsky; Obama; Clintons; Democrats in general.

This man both revels and squirms in his intolerance and hatred, almost but not quite realizing his own visceral hatred born of personal eliteness and moral superiority over the despicable "barbarians", which, after all, deserve hatred. Elitists are not really given to self-examination because their superiority is natural: they tower, morally, over the "barbarians", the Othered Class, the Oppressor Class. Their personal superiority is thus self-evident, a First Principle upon which their worldview is constructed.

I am superior because of the Class system; the Class system is valid because I am superior.
[Circular, not that logic matters to such First Principles]

If the Othered Class, the barbarians, achieves control, there is still no triggering of self-reflection amongst the self-evidently Superior Class. There is fear that the caricature (barbarism) will show up at the door with guns and the hatred assigned to them by their social position and assigned class. And fear of the blatantly imaginary is still fear.

But they cannot release the imaginary caricature of the Othered, the barbarian Class. To do so would be a negation of the fundamental foundation of Leftism: Classifying humans into Marxian Classes, in order to declare oneself and one's proclivities to be morally messianic, superior to the herd, the horrid masses, the despised Others.

And non-coherently, the Despised Others are totally necessary to the Leftist. How else can he justify his self-assigned superiority and eliteness?

Even Mother Jones declined to publish the full details and dossier

Too Much FUN!

Buzzfeed’s Trump report takes ‘fake news’ to a new level

"So the website BuzzFeed decided to publish a series of memos that have been floating around for months alleging all kinds of terrible things about Donald Trump.

Some of those terrible allegations have to do with efforts to influence the American elections and Trump. Some of them have to do with Trump’s personal sexual conduct.


There is literally no evidence on offer in these memos or from BuzzFeed that any single sentence in these documents is factual or true. What’s more, we know most major news organizations in America had seen them and despite their well-known institutional antipathy toward Trump, had chosen not to publish them or even make reference to them after efforts to substantiate their charges had failed.

BuzzFeed tells us that “the document was prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.” Indeed, the memos are designed to read as though they were cables sent from the field to the home office. And they should set off the bull detector of every rational person who reads them."
And there's this:
"4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax"
Followed by this from Instapundit:
"If this collapses, as it likely will, it will have the effect of making Trump pretty much scandal-proof."