Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Moderation is ON

None of Hugo's comments will be allowed here in the future.

Hugo is stuck in the raw Darwinism rut, claiming that his views represent all of biological science. He refuses to address logic failures in evolution, and in his own comments.

He never addresses the need for objective knowledge in order to believe a thing (the logical underpinning of empirical science).

He has been forcefully equivocating several basic terms in order to support raw Darwinian micro-evolution as the engine of speciation (a concept rejected by the evolution industry roughly 70 years ago).

He claims truth for that which cannot rise even to contingent factoids due to the non-falsifiability of all - ALL - claims of historical evolution.

He maintains that my demands for falsifiability amounts to false claims on my part that evolution is not an empirical science, as is Modern Biology, and therefore evolution does deserve all of the respect that modern biology garners. This claim is absolutely demonstrably NOT the case by merely asking for empirical proof for evolutionary claims regarding historical events.

Hugo claims that demanding that he address the need for objective knowledge and the observation that he never responds to that demand, is an insult. He never has responded to that.

His final complaint is that the logical analysis of evolutionary claims, from raw Darwinism to the Modern Synthesis and the newer Extended Synthesis is "spreading misinformation". It would seem that any evolutionary analysis at all is "spreading misinformation", unless the only a priori axiom which is accepted is that "evolution is True" and anything which shows otherwise is therefore false. That includes all analyses based on empirical processes which fail to conform to raw Darwinism, all analyses which use Aristotelian processes which fail to validate evolution, all examples and instances of industry claims and equations which show logic failures, all these are of no consequence, because evolution is axiomatically True.

The concept that a non-empirical, non-falsifiable, untestable hypothesis is axiomatically True, is irrational. Evolution is not a First Principle of Universal Thought. And it also is not an empirical science, and it does not deserve the reverence which is reserved for voluntarily materialist, falsifiable, empirical sciences - such as is Modern Biology (upon which evolution is an ideological parasite).

This sort of persistent irrationality comes to an end, now.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Black Lives Hypocrisy

That's not really it, either; that's the false flag. They really, really hate laws and cops - even black cops. And as the Charlotte riots show, they take any opportunity to beat up whites. Thus they are anarchic, racist, black supremacists. This has been clear ever since Baltimore's persecution of the cops, including black cops.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twitter Goes Full Leftist SJW

Twitter Suspends Instapundit
Day is correct. It's just a matter of time before blogger goes full Leftist censorship, too. There will be many accounts affected before this one here, because this is a minor player (or less than even that), and will escape the attention of the initial bots (I hope). But I need to back-up some stuff just in case.

The web is being fully converged by the coterie of social media providers. It will be harder to shut down independent bloggers using private providers, but when the web is given over to the Soros-approved managers, it's only a matter of time until the entire web is Leftist-censored. If Hillary is elected, that will be a certainty.

Facebook Algorithms Take Down WordPress Lawyer's Post About Idiocy Of Algorithmic Takedowns

FBI and Terrorists

Science Fraud

Bad science misled millions with chronic fatigue syndrome. Here’s how we fought back

"After reviewing the new analysis, Jonathan Edwards, a professor emeritus of medicine at University College London said he was unconvinced that these small subjective improvements indicated the patients genuinely felt better. “They’ve set this trial up to give the strongest possible chance of there being a placebo effect that you can imagine,” he said.

“This is a classic bad study,” said Ron Davis, director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center and director of the Science Advisory Board of the End ME/CFS Project. He emphasized an additional problem: The study used such a broad definition of the disease that it likely included many patients who didn’t truly have ME/CFS at all.

“The study needs to be retracted,” Davis said. “I would like to use it as a teaching tool, to have medical students read it and ask them, ‘How many things can you find wrong with this study?’”
Bad Science. BAAAD science!

When data is secret, controlled, or manipulated, or doesn't exist, ignore the claims altogether. It absolutely doesn't matter how much money is involved, how many experts buy into it, or whether it was peer reviewed and published. What matters is the data/process and replication for falsification.

Japan is investigating massive fraud claims in several teams of university research.

Time For the Democrats to Ban Dumpsters

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Evolution, per Berlinski

Now! Let AirBnB Fill Your House With Muslims

AirBnB Tweets:
We believe in a world where you can #BelongAnywhere. Today there are millions of displaced refugees in need of belonging somewhere.
Open borders for everyone, who "can #BelongAnywhere". So long as they don't have to assimilate, of course, or respect women, gays, western laws, and yet can demand to be fed, housed, free medical care and given simple, but lucrative jobs to which they might or might not show up. We must assimilate to their culture. Their culture is just as valid as any other.

I wonder what a house would look like after a few weeks of illegal aliens living in it. But, no matter. The important thing is to let everybody who shows up on your porch into your house, because... well, just because. And shut up.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mmm Hmmm

Study: Now People Give Reasons For Not Trusting Atheists

Atheists remain most disliked religious minority in the U.S.

"Ten years ago University of Minnesota sociologists conducted research showing that, among a long list of racial and religious minority groups, atheists were the most disliked group of people in the United States. Last month they followed up with new research that shows that Americans still have negative opinions of atheists and the non-religious--and now they have a good theory about why that is.

Their findings are available online in the article “Atheists and Other Cultural Outsiders: Moral Boundaries and the Non-Religious in the United States” (Social Forces). The research team comprises Department of Sociology professors Penny Edgell, Douglas Hartmann, and Joseph Gerteis and graduate student Evan Stewart.

Survey data collected in 2014 shows that, compared to data collected in 2003, Americans have sharpened their negative views of atheists, despite an increase in people identifying as non-religious and an increase in public discussion of non-belief.

The findings of this most recent survey support the argument that atheists are persistent cultural outsiders in the United States because they are perceived to have rejected cultural values and practices understood as essential to private morality, civic virtue, and national identity. Moreover, any refusal to embrace a religious identity of any type is troubling for a large portion of Americans.

Forty percent of Americans view the non-religious--atheist, agnostic, no-religion, and spiritual-but-not-religious--as problematic, even though 33 percent of the survey respondents identify with those categories.

By the numbers, researchers found that:
40% of Americans disapprove of non-religion
33% of respondents fall into a broad “religious nones” category: 3.8% as atheist, 3.5% as agnostic, 7.1 % as “spiritual but not religious,” and 18.5% as “nothing in particular.”
27% of Americans say that atheists “don't share my morals or values.”
Comparing the “religious nones,” respondents had less negative views of people who say they have no religion, and feel more positively about those who are “spiritual but not religious.”

These attitudes are strongly driven by a belief that religiosity is central for civic virtue, that societal standards of right and wrong should be rooted in historic religious traditions, and that Christianity underpins American identity.

Some measures of the respondents’ attitudes show that Muslim-Americans are as distrusted, and in some cases more distrusted, than the non-religious. Analysis of these attitudes will be the subject of another paper by the same research team forthcoming later in 2016.

“There are no mainstream, cultural expressions or depictions, on television for example, to present atheism to the general public,” says Edgell. “It’s only in the last decade that a secular coalition of American atheist and non-religion organizations have gotten together. I expect that in the near future we’ll see more effort on their part to change perceptions and lobby to change policy,” regarding the role of religion in everyday life.

The survey was conducted by GFK Group, with just over 2,500 people participating."
Interesting. Atheists are trusted about the same as Muslims, now.

Venezuela Stays On Starvation Trajectory

This is Bernie's Dream World:
Venezuela: Over 15% of People Eat Garbage to Survive

The More Consulting study found that three out of every four Venezuelans (72 percent) was unable to feed themselves an optimal diet of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 24.2 percent say they rarely eat protein, living off of local tubers like yuca and malanga and some fruit. More than half of Venezuelans (52.3 percent) buy their foods through the black market, from private individuals who have stocked a surplus of an item they need.

53.9 percent of Venezuelan respondents said they had gone to bed hungry, 48 percent say they have been forced to take time off work to scrounge for food.

The numbers align with previous surveys taken earlier this year, following the declaration of a “nutritional emergency” by the Venezuelan National Assembly in February. In June, The New York Times cited a poll by Simón Bolívar University finding that nearly 90 percent of Venezuelans did not have the money necessary to buy food for three full meals a day. The Times estimated then that an average of 50 violent incidents involving supermarkets, food cargo trucks, or other food sources had occurred within a two-week span of time.

President Maduro implemented a socialist ration system in April 2014, in which Venezuelans were prohibited from buying more than their rations books allowed, even when the nation’s bolivar currency was not struggling with the current 700 percent estimated inflation rate. Today, Maduro has ordered police and military units to crack down on anyone attempting to buy more than their allotted rations, hoarding food, or waiting outside a supermarket during hours in which the store is not open.

According to the Washington Post, Venezuelan police have arrested “at least 9,400 people this year for allegedly breaking laws against hoarding, reselling goods or attempting to stand in line outside normal store hours.” To make the arrests more efficient, the police have used a bus that drives from market to market in the early morning hours, looking for loiterers. Anyone found attempting to wait overnight in front of a supermarket is arrested.

Maduro has also ordered the military to control the nation’s food supply and created Socialist Party committees known as Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP) to designate who in each neighborhood receives food. Opposition members have accused CLAP leaders of discriminating with food supplies against those who have publicly opposed the government.

Proof of Evolution of Complexity

This doesn't even involve any spanking new dedicated-channel feedback systems or double-coded binary manufacturing instructions for enabling this dryer to create two new identical dryers by splitting in half. It's so simple, comparatively that it must be happening all the time - probably on many planets, even in infinite universes.

I haven't actually seen it myself, though, but that doesn't matter, because it's possible, ya know. Just think of all the dryers in the universe(es)... And when you add energy to a system, even a closed-door system, it can turn stuff like heat into folded clothes because: deep time and deep imaginary stories and all.

Evolution: IF it can be imagined THEN it happened so shut up.

HT: Steven Satak

When the Left Is Stranger Than Fiction

Utah – Hispanic Activist Who Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant…

Well, this story is so brutally ironic it will not fit in the Irony folder. You just cannot make this stuff up folks…
Warning: Install your dissociation filter before going THERE.

Journalists And Complete Self-Unawareness

CNN Says Trump Bashing the Media Is ‘Like’ Saddam Hussein Destroying Democracy

"Donald Trump’s latest slap at the media was apparently too much for CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield and Dylan Byers to take. While reporting Trump’s ribbing the two insisted that undermining the media is both turning the U.S. into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and somehow destroying democracy.

Banfield played a clip of Trump’s September 14 rally in New Hampshire where the GOP nominee joked that the press was stuck on a plane. From the dais Trump told the crowd, “I have really good news for you, I just heard that the press is stuck on their airplane, they can’t get here. I love it.”

Trump then informed his audience the press wanted him to delay the start of the rally so they had time to get to the venue. Naturally he refused to put off the rally just to satisfy the press.

This was all just too much to take for CNN host Ashleigh Banfield.

Sporting a look of concern, Banfield gazed into the camera and asked plaintively, “Why so much cheering?” She then said of the excited Trump supporters heard on the video clip, “Do people not realize, or are they forgetting the other critical element of it, either you have a media, or you have what I witnessed in Saddam’s era, and the Libyan’s era, where you never got to actually call yourself press or you’d go to jail for it.”

Banfield essential insisted that if you criticize a biased press you are necessarily imposing a Saddam-like tyranny on America.

Not to be outdone, CNN media reporter Dylan Byers brought up the recent Gallup poll that found more Americans than ever distrust the press. Byers insisted that the drop in trust is “largely fueled by Republicans” and their mistrust of the media as well as Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the press.

Byers claimed that all these attacks on the media are a “serious problem.”

“Because it is the role of the media to hold these candidates accountable, to hold both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates accountable,” Byers said. “When you lose that, when you start celebrating restriction of the media, when you start mocking the media, that becomes a serious problem for the very foundation of the democratic project and the American political system.”

Banfield then related an anecdote of her visit to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq that entailed her car driver telling her not to look directly at Saddam’s palace or they would “get in trouble.” This anecdote, she insisted, is ” the other side of this.”
It's interesting that they know the words, "both the Democratic and Republican". They have criminalized their own behavior by giving the federal crimes of Hillary (and the rapes of Bill) a complete pass. The press thus seems to believe their own lies. Besides being insanity, that is completely destructive of any appeal to "fourth estate" status as protectors of democracy. They are fully complicit in the crimes of the Left, from Obama's treason(s) to Hillary's treason(s) and Bill's rapes by the dozens, including the children on "rape island". (Bill Cosby will pay; Bill Clinton will be protected as always). The MSM is the propaganda arm of the Left. If they were not, we would not need to get our news from foreign sources and the internet alt-media which the Left is pushing to have censorship over. But of course it is Trump's fault because he isn't afraid to pull back their curtain, and mock what is found there.

More Leftist Internal Contradictions

Democrat Who Compared Jews To ‘Termites’ Says Trump Is Too Polarizing
The same Democratic lawmaker also fretted during a congressional hearing that the island of Guam might "tip over" if too many people visited it.

A Frail Looking Hillary Hits Trump for Calling NYC Attack ‘Bombings’ — After Doing the Same
‘I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey’