Sunday, April 22, 2018

Historic Quote

From the Daily Caller:
My rule of thumb is: Liberals want conservatives to shut up, and conservatives want liberals to keep talking.
Atually, it's because Hillary couldn't shut up that she showed her colors and got trashed in '16. Yep. Keep 'em talking trash, and they'll get trashed.

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Case For the IFLS Crowd (on Parade for AGW and Evolution)

Can it be called "science" if the results of the observation/experiment cannot or will not be reproduced... ever?

The case of the forensic crime lab in Massachusetts is a demonstration of the type of activity - called science - which was easily accepted as valid despite the obvious lack of validation of the "results". Such was claimed by a perpetrator of dry-labbed chemical reports which affected the entire Massachusetts Justice System, and which produced a hazard for all Massachusetts citizens.

The forensic science lab employed Annie Dookhan to test crime samples for chemical composition. Dookhan faked more than 20,000 sample reports, which invalidated all 20,000 convictions.

Epic Drug Lab Scandal Results in More Than 20,000 Convictions Dropped

Chemical tests can be replicated, but were not. Possible reasons for this might include cost, timing required, poor management, and of course, the Post Modern Concept that science is merely the opinion of an expert in the relevant area.

Given that Dookhan was not caught until after the 20,000 mark indicates that lesser frauds might well be occurring in lesser volume arenas, or even in single cases to affect a single conviction.

The answer is replication, whether affordable or not. Without replication, the validity of a single event experiment cannot be known to be valid.

Worse, non-measurable, non-deductivo-empirical pursuits cannot generate any reputable knowledge and are no more reliable than pure opinion. Empiricism was invented in order to rule out opinion, ideology, and false observation, leaving only reliable, repeatable actual knowledge of physical characteristics and events.

AGW and Evolution might be dear to the hearts of the IFLS protesters, but they are not empirical, they are subject to many internal frauds, and they are merely opinion which is now taken as ideological gospel by the empirically illiterate. Which describes the IFLS crowd.

Dems File Suit Alleging Russia-Trump-Wikleaks Done Did Sumpin' Horrible

The Other stupid party:
Dems file suit alleging Russia, Trump, WikiLeaks conspired to interfere in 2016 campaign
Nevermind that the actual evidence points directly at the DNC/Hillary/FBI/CIA/DOJ.

The Rare Occasion When I Agree With the ACLU and Sotomayor

The Supreme Court Gives Police a Green Light to ‘Shoot First and Think Later’
When authorities are armed and immune, no one is safe.

House of Representatives: Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Peter Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page Recommended for Criminal Prosecution

Lawmakers Recommend Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe for Criminal Referrals
A Higher Authority, indeed; they are the higher authorities, in their own minds. And that amounts to treason, when it is implemented against the people.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Silverman Sacked; Atheist Leader Caught in Pervnado

American Atheists Fires President over Accusations of Sexual Assault

American Atheists, the flagship of organized atheism in the U.S., has sacked its combative president, David Silverman, after two women came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

One of the women, whose name has not been revealed, said Silverman assaulted her in his hotel room after a 2015 convention of the American Atheists in Memphis, Tennessee.

“He physically pressed me to the wall and began to kiss me forcefully, grabbed my breasts, and put his hand into my leggings where there was actual penetration of my vagina,” she stated in a written complaint to American Atheists, which she sent along with photos of bruises allegedly caused by Silverman.

The second woman, Rose St. Clair, claims that Silverman sexually assaulted her in 2012 when she was a college student at the annual convention of the Secular Student Alliance, held in Columbus, Ohio.
Another godless Leftist finds that he is not God after all.

Leftist narrative hurt worst.